US Senator John Kennedy condemns the Biden administration border policy, saying that the country cannot survive the open-borders policy, either financially or culturally.

Kennedy, who is traveling to the border Friday to get a first hand look, says that maybe the biggest tragedy is that the entire situation could have been avoided.


Senator John Kennedy and 18 of his Republican colleagues will visit the Customs & Border Protection Facility in Donna, Texas. President Biden confirmed the facility is at 1556% capacity with mostly unaccompanied minors. Senator Kennedy has a theory why.

“President Biden on his first day on the job decided to eliminate every single policy and practice that we had implemented...that secured the border. Now one need not be clairvoyant to see what was going to happen. People flooded into our country.”

"When President Biden took office we had the most secure border in my lifetime," says Kennedy, "So what the first thing he did, first day? He got rid of everything he did to seal the border and people came flooding in.

"Now, either President Biden's people are like a rock, only dumber, and didn't see this coming and I don't believe free, or they honestly believe that it's okay to have open borders.

"Many of the people Biden's put in charge and maybe President Biden himself...they're neo-socialists. They don't see the difference between legal and illegal immigration. President Biden said in the campaign, 'I want another million to come in and it's okay with me if they come in illegally.

It's dangerous not to to know who's in your country. It's dangerous. It's expensive. it depresses wages and it undermines legal immigration."

Last week, Homeland Security officials said they are on pace for the highest level of border crossings in 2 decades. Border Patrol agents apprehended about 100,000 migrants attempting to cross into the US in February alone.

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