Saturday, fallen Shreveport Police Officer Chateri Payne was laid to rest. Officer Payne was shot and murdered outside of her home before the start of her shift. According to Chief Ben Raymond, Mayor Adrian Perkins and countless others, Officer Payne possessed all the skills an officer needs and her loss will be felt in the department for a long time.

But, not only did the city suffer a great loss, but so did her family. Officer Payne, at just 22 year old, left behind a young daughter. To help the family during their time of need, every single Johnny's Pizza location in Shreveport-Bossier is raising money for Officer Payne's family today.

Every local location will donate 20% of all dine-in and pick up sales to Chateri Payne's family. Whenever tragedy occurs, most people's immediate response is "how do we help?" Today, that answer is simple. Stop by a Johnny's Pizza House and order a pizza. Organize an office lunch at Johnny's. Just order some Johnny's and help a family during when they need it most.

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