The forecast for Louisiana this summer is hot. I know that's not breaking news for people who live in Lafayette, Carencro, Morgan City, or Jena but the fact that temperatures will approach and ooze into and beyond the century mark does play a part in the size and scope of this product recall.

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There have been several different recalls over the past few weeks. There are medicines, snacks, personal use items, and even so-called healthy items. The item we're covering in this article would be considered to be more than a fashion statement by today's health-conscious society. Today's recall affects bottled water and some of that bottled water has been sold in Louisiana.

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Granted the past few years have seen a shift in water consumption from bottled water to fresh water dispensed and lugged around in a huge thermal mug. Thank God those Stanley Cups are so fashionable, right? Well, it is a good way to get a workout while you tote around a vessel large enough to raise tadpoles in.

If you still consume water out of a bottle you'll want to know the Food and Drug Administration has posted a notice concerning some 1.9 million bottles of Fiji Natural Artesian Water. The notice by the FDA is consistent with a voluntary recall by the parent company of Fiji Water, Natural Waters of Viti Limited, posted on their site earlier this month.

The recall is a Class III Recall. That means that exposure to the recalled item is not likely to cause injury or harm but there is a concern you should be aware of. The concern in this case has to do with the discovery of manganese and other bacteria in some of the water samples taken by the company.

The company believes that more than 99% of the affected water has either been recovered or disposed of but there are still bottles out there. If you're worried that you have some of the water included in this recall make a note of this information.

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The FDA says the affected products were 

24-pack of water were sold between February 1, 2024, and March 3, 2024. The case UPC code is identified as 6 32565 00004 3, while the bottle UPC code is listed as 6 32565 00001 2. Dates for these bottles are November 11, 2023, November 12, 2023, November 13, 2023, November 24, 2023 and November 25, 2023.

If you still have questions or concerns you may contact Fiji Water directly by calling 888-426-4602.

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