Do you love to swim and travel across our country? The new job offer from Swimply might be the dream job you have been looking for all along. This sounds like the perfect job for someone from Louisiana!

The website that offers people a chance to book private swimming areas by the hour is now searching for a "Chief Pools Officer". It sounds great, doesn't it?!

The website also offers other booking opportunities like rentals of various homes and places that have wonderful pickleball, basketball, and tennis courts. You can rent the space by the hour.

Specifically for this job offer you would have to travel all 50 states and swim in pools. You would then create content about the different pools that you swim in for the company.

Woman Swimming in Pool
Photo courtesy of Drew Dau, GA2sc8nIOsk, via Unsplash

What Does a Job Like This Pay?

According to information from Swimply, the base salary for the Chief Pools Officer is $50,000, and you would work between July and September 2024.

You have the potential to make up to $50,000 more depending on how much content you create and how much attention you get with your social media posting about various places.

How To Apply for the Swim Officer Job?

To apply for this job you really are doing an audition to show off your swimming talents, and your ability to create compelling content about the various backyard pools.

You'll need to rent a place off of the Swimply website and shoot your audition. You must be at least 18 to apply for the position.

If you're planning on applying with your video submission, the deadline for entry is Saturday, June 15, 2024. The website says,

"...any applications must include tagging and following the company through @swimply and using the hashtag#SwimplyDreamJob."

As part of this gig, if you're lucky enough to be hired, you'll get to travel, swim in pools, create videos featuring the pools, and promote everything on social media. Doesn't this job sound divine?

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