The end of the school year is a big transition time for many of our Texas youth. Instead of planning a vacation with their families, these children have gone missing.

The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children has coordinated the search. Now we must do our part and look at the photos and try to find someone we recognize.

Everyone's goal should be helping a grieving family find their lost loved one. If you see someone you recognize from the list below, call the local authorities or NCMEC's 24-hour-call-center at 1-800--843-5678.

All Of The Cases Are Entered Into An FBI Database

The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children makes sure each of these cases are entered into the FBI's National Crime Information Center Database. They have cases listed on their site from all over the country, not just Texas.

A waiver from a parent, guardian, or local law enforcement agency permits them to put these photos out there for us to view. The goal is someone will hopefully help find these missing children.

Every missing child on this list is at risk. We don't know their current situation no matter their age.

Find These Missing Children And Send In A Tip

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