It seems these days that every time you turn around, a new iPhone or other cellular device is coming out with a new and improved version. Most of us have to wait two years in a contract to upgrade our phones and by that time, two or three new versions of the phones you have may have come out already.

Have you ever dropped your phone and shattered the glass on the front of back of your phone? How about if you have had to have your phone worked on because the screen went out or the phone's volume went caput? We are learning that if you have owned a certain generation of iPhones, Apple could be owing you big money.

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If you have ever owned an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, Apple may owe you some money, and here's why. There is currently a class action lawsuit where owners of either of the iPhone 7's complained to Apple about problems with audio or the phones needed repair.

The lawsuit went on to say that if you owned an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus between September 2016 to January 2023 and paid Apple for repairs or to get your phone replaced could receive up to $349.

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It went on to say that owners of the phones who filed a complaint or issue about their phone but did not pay out of pocket for repairs are eligible for up to $125.

So if this is you, then file your claim HERE. The deadline to submit a claim is June 3.

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