Louisiana, open your cupboards; there is a possibly fatal medication in there supposed to control blood pressure.

To better notify the public, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reiterating a company's voluntary recall. A company's notification when it recalls a product, pulls it off the market, or issues a safety alert is shared with the FDA as a public service. This makes it possible for customers to obtain crucial safety information.

To begin with, though, what does it mean to have a product "recalled"?

The Food and Drug Administration claims that

Recalls are voluntary actions that occur as a result of manufacturers' and distributors fulfilling their legal obligation to safeguard the public's health and welfare from goods that are defective or pose a risk of harm or egregious deceit.

In essence, the purpose of this voluntary recall, which is what we are dealing with here, is to take as many items off the market as possible in order to reduce customer risk and the company's legal liability.

What specific brand of blood pressure medication is being recalled in Louisiana, then?


Due to the possibility of silicone particles, Par Pharmaceutical, Inc., a division of Endo International plc, has voluntarily recalled one batch of Treprostinil Injection 20mg/20mL (1 mg/mL). When injected, these particles may cause localized swelling or discomfort. If they get into the circulation, however, they may "travel to various organs and block blood vessels in the heart, lungs, or brain," which could result in life-threatening consequences.

The impacted lot, 57014, with an expiration date of 04/2024, was sold in Louisiana and delivered to wholesalers and hospitals across the country.

Hospitals and wholesalers are being notified by Par Pharmaceutical to stop using the medication and send it back.

If users have any problems using this product, they should get in touch with their healthcare professional. You may find out more about the recall by going here.

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