I'll admit it, I love this time of the year. Unlike this past week, usually temperatures are cooler, we get time off to spend with family and friends... I even love hearing Christmas music playing in stores and on the radio. Yes, there are things that are aggravating, but for the most part, "It's the most wonderful time of the year."

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But there are some who dread this time of the year. Between increased traffic, the hectic pace, and frantic last minute shopping, some people are just... Grinches.  The website FinanceBuzz.com did a survey to find out what cities are the 'Grinchiest.'

Using criteria like Communal Celebrations and Decor, Holiday Shopping, Holiday Season of Giving, Holiday Cheer, and Holiday Jeer.  (The last two seem kind of subjective, but they did use a 5 year aggregate of Google trends for things like "Christmas lights", "Christmas Festival," and "Christmas sucks, or even "I hate Christmas")

Finance Buzz
Finance Buzz

According to Finance Buzz, the Top Ten "Most Grinchiest Cities" are:

1New York, NY18.9
2Los Angeles, CA19.6
3San Antonio, TX22.7
4Chicago, IL24.7
5Memphis, TN25.7
6Phoenix, AZ28.3
7Dallas, TX29.7
8Columbus, OH30.0
9Oklahoma City, OK30.5
10Houston, TX30.8

Surprisingly, Texas tops the list with 3 cities in the Top Ten.  Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.  No other state had more than one city in the Top Ten.

Finance Buzz
Finance Buzz

The Top Ten "Least Grinchiest Cities" are:

50Hartford, CT74.8
49Providence, RI74.8
48Minneapolis, MN70.7
47Orlando, FL68.3
46Pittsburgh, PA65.8
45Riverside, CA62.7
44Atlanta, GA62.5
43Salt Lake City, UT62.0
42Baltimore, MD60.0
41Cincinnati, OH58.9

Holiday Savings Tips

Another way to help make your Christmas season bright, is to shop smart. Here are a few tips to help you save money during the holidays.

  • Shop online. Not only can you save yourself time by skipping the store, but you can also save money by shopping online. Use an extension like Capital One Shopping to ensure you find the best price and to compare deals on must-have items.

  • Earn credit card rewards. Be sure to pay with one of the credit cards that allow you to earn miles, cash back, or other rewards for your purchases.

  • Scan receipts. Use a rewards app to scan your receipts that allow you to earn rewards like cash back or gift cards. Depending on the type of rewards you want, you could earn cash back with Ibotta or turn your points into gift cards with Fetch.

  • Find free activities. Tons of fun holiday activities are free. Find one of the best holiday events in your state with this handy list of free winter events and festivals in all 50 states.

If you'd like to read more about how they determined the Grinchiest Cities, you can read the entire article HERE

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