If you opposed the recent gas tax increase proposed by Governor John Bel Edwards and his supporters in the state legislature, you have no right to complain about roads or traffic in our state. At least that's the point made by JR Ball, Executive Editor of Baton Rouge Business Report, who says we need to quit whining.

"... it’s an ever-worsening nightmare. Yes, it’s an anchor on our economic growth. Yes, it’s driving me and everyone else insane. And most of all, yes, it’s a soul crushing scourge that makes life...not worth living. Yet here’s the ugly, inescapable truth: We don’t want to stop the madness.”

And why don't we want the madness to end? Well, according to Ball, because we, the voters of Louisiana, are unwilling to "break open the piggy bank and pay for (roads)."

And Ball goes on to say that if the voters across the state were opposed to the recently defeated 17 cent a gallon gas tax increase, "consider yourself part of the problem."

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