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KEEL's Greg Atoms talks about the latest COVID 19 news, including the latest developments and information about the development of a vaccine.

"First, the governmental response to when we get a vaccine will be based on what time that is," says Atoms, explaining his view of the politicization of COVID. "If it's October, everything still needs to be locked down and we still can't do anything and Joe Biden still needs to be in the bunker. If it show up in December, then inoculate everybody, we're good to go, let's open things back up."

But what about when a vaccine - according to some reports as early as October - becomes available? "What we should be doing when a vaccine is available, the minute the FDA approves a vaccine and a vaccine is readily available, everything should be open and risk management should take over because that's how we all live our lives."

And when it comes to vaccine mandates? Atoms adamantly opposes those for the general population, but concedes that that sort of rule already exists for those of school age. "We already do have a structure in place that mandates certain vaccines, he says, underlining reports that a COVID vaccine would give immunity from all Coronviruses. "I think we can strike a fair balance, freedom versus governmental mandate, which is what our country's supposed to be designed on anyway."


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