With these hot temperatures we've been experiencing all across north Louisiana and northeast Texas, folks are really struggling when it's time to get outside. Lots of my friends who have swimming pools at their homes have been complaining about how hot the water in the pool is. It feels like swimming in bath water these days. A typical bath has water that is between 90° F and 105° F. You don’t want to jump in a pool that feels like a hot bath. It’s just not refreshing.


What Can You Do to Cool the Water?

There are some things you can do to cool off your pool water. Some of these ideas will cost a lot of money while some of them are pretty cheap. On the expensive side you could install things like fountains and waterfalls which will add more water to the pool at a regular basis and give it more circulation in the water. You could put in fans or portable AC units around the pool or even install more shading around your pool to keep it out of the direct sunlight.

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Those are some of the those are some of the expensive ways you could try to cool off the pool. If you want to go to the cheaper route you could always try ice which will work for a temporary fix. You could drain and refill the pool which will take a long time. Another option people are trying right now is to freeze a few gallon jugs of water.  I would try four, but you might need more depending on the size of your pool. Gallon jugs of ice will last much longer than just pouring ice into the pool.

The ice will melt quickly and won’t really cool the water off for very long. But you can use that water to get a nice cool shower while in the pool. Check out the video of my little shower in this cold water.

The gallon jugs of ice in the pool should cool things off and give you at least a day or maybe 2 days of nice cool water in your pool. Give it a try. It worked for my friends for a nice cool pool on the 4th.

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