There are some things I played on as a child that future children won't get to have anymore. We were talking about this list today and I'm trying to think of things that will soon vanish from our playgrounds and backyards.

I remember having merry-go-rounds at almost every city park growing up in Baton Rouge. There were also at just about every playground in Shreveport. But they are gone.

I know I've skinned my knee a time or two falling off a merry-go-round. My brothers would climb on the bars and fall off getting a bump or bruise during the process. But my parents didn't sue the city. That's where things have changed.

I'm even seeing cities remove slides from public parks. Most metal slides are gone. You will still find some plastic slides. Remember the rocket climbing slide that was at Betty Virginia Park? I guess it was too dangerous. Will swing sets survive? We'll have to wait and see.

Monkey bars are gone too. I guess too many youngsters were falling and getting hurt. How did we survive all these hazards at parks?

You also won't find diving boards at too many public pools. I would bet all hotels have removed diving boards. You might find one at some public swimming holes. But the days of my child hood when the pools had a high dive and a low dive are long gone. Too many injuries and too much liability. That's the reason these are gone.

Another thing that will probably be gone soon are backyard trampolines. I know insurance rates for your homeowners policies go way up if you have a trampoline. And one agent told me if you don't disclose the fact that you have a trampoline and someone gets hurt, you won't be covered.

These are just the things kids could play on. Think about all the other things that have changed. We didn't wear helmets when we rode our bikes. There were no car seats for children. No shoulder harnesses in cars. For crying out loud, we often rode in the back of a pickup truck. How did we all survive?

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