Lots of folks enjoyed crawfish cooked a bunch of different ways at this year's 29th annual Mudbug Madness Festival. Each year, there's a men's crawfish eating contest.

Last year's winner, Louisiana native Nick Corey took third place this year, consuming ten and a half pounds, but second and first places went to a father and son from Texas. Maxwell Anderson won second place by eating 14 and a quarter pounds of crawfish, and his son, Luke, became this year's champ, devouring 15 and half pounds.
I really enjoyed emceeing the exciting event with Ellen Ballard.
The first place prize - a $100 check and a giant trophy - went to Luke from the sponsor of Mudbug Madness - Budweiser.
I wonder if Luke's dad coached him. I'm thinking this is a crawfish eating family!
Ellen says the winners go back and forth between Texas and Louisiana, kind of like the college football championship goes back and forth from Bama to L.S.U.

It seemed like there were so many Texans there this year. In fact, when I held up the "rock and roll" sign with my fingers, the crowd thought I was showing the "hookem' horns" sign and they started doing it back!
Mudbug Madness ended late last night, but not before hundreds of people ennjoyed some fabulous Cajun music and food at Festival Plaza in downtown Shreveportl.
It's always an opportunity to enjoy crawfish cooked anyway you want. I enjoyed them in etouffe with the thick spicy gravy. They tasted like shrimp. They also had shrimp on a stick, alligator on a stick, roasted corn on the cob and baked potatoes.

There was great live music from local and regional bands on several different stages as well as food and arts and crafts vendors. I hope you got to go a little mad this weekend and enjoy the best Shreveport has to offer!