Gov. John Bel Edwards' revenue secretary has outlined the tax hikes the governor is proposing in a special legislative session to help stabilize Louisiana's finances.

Kimberly Robinson presented the list to the House Ways and Means Committee, kicking off tax negotiations with lawmakers who have a short time to vet the ideas. The special session can last only 25 days.

Edwards is recommending increases to the state sales tax, to taxes charged on alcohol and cigarettes and to business taxes, among other items.

While Ways and Means started sifting through tax ideas, the House Appropriations Committee was hearing the worst-case scenario budget cuts the Edwards administration says could happen without raising new revenue.

Some lawmakers say the list of cuts the Governor has proposed is just not specific enough.

The governor says deep reductions would hit public colleges and health care services without tax hikes.

Another big change on the way will be higher eligibility requirements for the TOPS program.


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