Republican State Representative Dodie Horton updates her constituents on the latest from what is being referred to as the legislative "tax session" Louisiana lawmakers are weighing the merits of Governor John Bel Edwards call for a 23 cent a gallon gas tax increase, an increase in the state's minimum wage to $8.50 an hour and numerous other proposals.

The latest from the conservative Horton:

"Today in Ways and Means Committee we heard many Tax Reform bills. Some were in the from of Constitutional Amendments that propose developing a Flat Tax and others seek to remove Federal Itemized Tax Deductions,something that our voters wholeheartedly objected in the last election. I am committed to represent each one of you to the best of my ability. I know that our tax corporate tax code is too burdensome and complicated and needs to be simplified. How we achieve this is another issue altogether. Please let me hear from you that live in District 9. It is critical that your voices be counted. Please email us at or call us at 318-949-2463. Also, the Governor is seeking to increase the state tax that we pay at the pump. We elected, via constitutional amendment back in 1989, to pay 16 cents for our roads and bridges infrastructure work. Now, we all may be asked to vote once more for an increase in this tax. How do you feel about this? With the current 16 cent tax, 18% of it goes to Administrative Fees, but I am told that the new proposal will include safe guards that will prevent any of the increase from being used for anything other than our infrastructure needs. So again, please email me and let me know if you support a the gas tax or not. God bless each of and know that it is an honor to serve you all. Although I know that I cannot please everyone, I do pray that everyone in District 9 has an opportunity to voice their opinion. Remember, we are a government that is for the people, of the people and established by the people. To God Be The Glory."


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