Fall will be here this week and our next big event is Halloween. Several local groups are sponsoring events aimed at the entire family. We have put together a list of some of the biggest events in the area.

You will find pumpkin patch information. We also have details on fall festivals on the way. You might spot a couple of scary choices on the list including a ghost tour and the zombie walk which is back. But you will also find specific info on what has become the biggest Halloween event in the area, Pumpkin Shine on Line. This will be the 30th year for this big event in Shreveport. If we get details about more events in the area, we will add them to the list.

Halloween is the 2nd biggest season for spending behind Christmas. We buy decorations, costumes and of course candy.

Halloween falls on a Monday this year and that means trick or treating will be held on that Monday night. But expect lots of parties to be held the weekend of October 29-30th as many adults now celebrate Halloween with grown-up events.

Great Halloween Events in Shreveport Bossier

Looking for something to do for Halloween? Lots of local events are coming up.

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