SHREVEPORT, LA – Want a dream job? You might want to apply to be the “Chief of Cinema”. This is a part time, temporary job, but it comes with a pretty nice paycheck. If you are the lucky one to land this job, you’ll make $2500 dollars.

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Kris Luhaers via
Kris Luhaers via

What Do You Have to Do?

You have to watch 5 movies this summer. Yep, you’re getting paid to watch movies. But the catch is you have to go to the theater to see these flicks. is looking to “hire” someone to watch and review 5 movies during June, July, and August.

According to the website, only 7% of Americans prefer watching movies in a theater.

But there is something pretty great about going to the theater and seeing a movie on the big screen with a tub of popcorn and a drink.

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What Are the Qualifications?

To snag the job as “Chief of Cinema”, CableTV is looking for someone that loves to watch movies, is 18 years of age, and is a United States resident.

If you’re selected, you will be given a list of new movies with their release dates to choose from. The 5 movies you pick will need to be watched by August 31, 2024.

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Here are some of the summer movies set for release this year:


6/21: The Bikeriders
6/23: South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut 25th Anniversary Sing-A-Long
6/28: A Quiet Place: Day One


7/3: Despicable Me 4
7/5: MaXXXine
7/12: Fly Me to the Moon
7/13: Princess Mononoke
7/19: Twisters
7/21: The Neverending Story
7/26: Deadpool & Wolverine


8/2: Harold and the Purple Crayon
8/2: Cuckoo
8/3: Ponyo
8/9: Borderlands
8/9: It Ends With Us
8/9: Trap
8/14: Coraline (3D re-release)
8/16: Alien: Romulus
8/23: The Crow
8/23: Blink Twice
8/25: Rear Window 70th Anniversary

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