Former LSU football player Danny McCray is putting his survival skills to the test as part of season 41 of the CBS hit reality show 'Survivor'.

Survivor filming has been stalled because of the pandemic but it is back and the cast is quite diverse.

This season was filmed in Fiji and the 18 new contestants are battling to win $1 million.

McCray is from Houston, but he played college football for the LSU Tigers and he later landed a spot on the Dallas Cowboys team. He was a defensive back during his playing days with the Cowboys beginning in 2010. He played 6 years in the NFL.

He is keeping his pro football career on the DL. During episode 1, he mentioned he played college ball at LSU, but did not say anything about the NFL. He did say he runs a youth football program, which he does.

McCray retired from football in 2015 and as Sports Illustrated has reported he helps run the Dallas Cowboys Youth Football Program.

McCray says he is obsessed with Survivor and after he retired from football, he binge watched 20 seasons of the show.

McCray and his wife Kiki have a 1-year-old daughter, Zoe.

According to his CBS bioMcCray got his MBA after he retired from football.

McCray tells the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, that being a former NFL player will not likely give him an edge and might actually make him a target. That might be why he's keeping his pro career quiet right now. McCray did say he made dramatic changes to his diet prior to filming to get ready for the harsh conditions and the limited food supply.

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