SHREVEPORT, LA - Former Clerk of the Shreveport City Council hires a Baton Rouge law firm to represent her in possible legal action against the City of Shreveport.


Attorney Jill Craft has sent a letter to City Attorney Marcus Edwards, Mayor Tom Arceneaux and Council Chairman James Green. The letter says "this firm has been retained by Ms. Shanerika Flemings in connection with her former employment with the City of Shreveport as Clerk of Counsel. This letter claims Flemings was "subjected to unwelcome and unabated sex and race-based discrimination/harassment by Councilman Brooks."

Many of the claims outlined in this letter are the same allegations Flemings made when she was fired by the council earlier this year. The letter claims Councilman Gary Brooks used racial slurs while referencing black women.

The letter from Attorney Jill Craft says these comments were made in front of Flemings and Councilmembers Bowman and Alan Jackson and their significant others.

This letter also claims Councilman Brooks continued to make sexual advances toward Ms. Flemings, including repeatedly inviting her out, on dates, and pre-paid exclusive trips.



These claims by Flemings also accuse Brooks of making "sexually inappropriate comments about Ms. Flemings body and appearance, including stating that "she looked nice and pretty in particular attire in March, 2023."

This letter also contends that Councilman Brooks' "sex and race-based comments were open, obvious, and pervasive in the workplace." The letter adds: "It is our understanding the City has knowledge of prior acts of derogatory race based comments by Councilman Brooks but it refused to take action to remedy the discrimination and harassment in the workplace."

Flemings claims she was wrongly terminated by the City Council.

She claims her termination on September 8 was a violation of City Charter Article 2, Section 4.30 and City Council Rules of Procedure, Section 9. She says she was terminated before the Council took several necessary steps including conducting a private investigation into the alleged complaints against her or calling a public hearing on the charges against Ms. Flemings thirty (30) days after the charges were first presented to the Mayor in writing. She also claims she was given no detailed statement of the charges against her.

Flemings also claims the City Charter requires a 2/3 vote of the Council to fire her and that did not happen. The vote to fire her was 4-3.

What Legal Actions Has Flemings Taken?

The letter from Attorney Craft says "Flemings has filed Charges of Discrimination with the EEOC and LCHR (Louisiana Commission on Human Rights)." Craft is asking for a dialogue with the City to try to reach "an amicable resolution" and give the city written notice that Flemings plans to file legal action if no resolution can be reached.

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