An operation by Law Enforcement in the New Orleans has led to the discovery of 5 missing teenagers, and netted 30 sex offender arrests.

All 5 of the found teens were girls at, and under the age of 17. The operation was conducted by a multi-agency team including U.S. Marshals. The initiative was named "Operation Boo Dat" and was targeting sex criminals.

Many of the men arrested in the operation were sex offenders of a serious nature. One of the men arrested was wanted for raping 12-year-old girl victim in an abandoned home on the West Bank of New Orleans. Several others were also wanted on serious rape charges.

The missing teens were found at different times and locations. One was a runaway found in a home full of adults, and two of the girls were found in Baton Rouge and were possibly the victims of sexual crimes.

The US Marshal Service said: “During Operation Boo Dat over one hundred sex offender compliance checks were also attempted or completed in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes,” said the US Marshal Service. “Sex Offender compliance checks require law enforcement officers to go to the sex offender’s reported address of residence to verify that the person still lives at the provided address. Often countless hours of follow up investigative work are required during and after a compliance check.”

The US Marshals Service said it carried out the operation along with the New Orleans Police Department, Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, Louisiana State Police, and USMS New Orleans Task Force.

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