A line of dangerous storms struck the ArkLaTex this past weekend, bringing heavy rain, winds, hail, and even a tornado to our area. In fact, a funnel touched down in the Plain Dealing area Saturday evening, causing severe damage to more than twenty homes in that area.

But nothing in our region compares to the adventure experienced by Charlesetta Williams in nearby rural east Texas. In fact, her story made the Washington Post:

"The National Weather Service forecast office in Shreveport, La., filed a report that is a simply jaw-dropping. It describes an 800-yard-wide tornado packing winds of 130 mph that tore off the roof of a storage building on Saturday and tossed a party barge 200 yards into a grove of trees. But here is the unbelievable part: A woman inside took shelter in a bathtub and the tornado lifted the tub out of the home and deposited it in the woods with the woman still in the tub but the woman was not injured."

In fact, local NWS meteorologist Jason Hansford was interviewed by the Post:

"Hansford said he didn’t know exactly how far the women, who he estimated to be in her 60s, was thrown. Except for some cuts and bruises, 'she was uninjured but emotionally shaken,' he said, adding that her house was totaled."

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