We can not say thank you enough to police officer and firefighters. But when I watched this amazing video, I truly do want to offer sincere appreciation for all that they do.

Late on the evening of July 12th, Detective Rodney Stewart was on his way home from another call. He was headed south on I-49 when two vehicles collided head-on. Stewart's car was also hit. He suffered a concussion.

But watch this video as he calls for help and these heroic officers risk their lives to pull a man from a burning truck.

Tragically two people lost their lives in this crash, but the man they rescued survived. Please thank an officer the next time you see one and remember how often they don't worry about their own safety. They just jump in and help.

The man saved in that fiery crash is James Stanley of Bastrop. I am sure he will forever be grateful to all of these officers.

Those recognized were:

 K9 Sergeant Dan Sawyer, Sergeant Mike Jones, K9 Corporal Chris Hodges, Corporal Jesse Alexander, Officer Darrell Favis, Officer David Francis, Officer Jason Booze, Officer Roderick Lewis, Officer LeAnn Hodges, and Detective Rodney Stewart.

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