There has been a lot said about BRF, University Health and the status of our local Medical School. State Representative Cedric Glover and others claim that BRF is stuck in an unwinnable situation by receiving less funds than they need to operate. Others, such as State Senator Greg Tarver and Governor John Bel Edwards, claim that BRF is mismanaging funds and that they either need help or to be replaced.

This morning, Dr. Miles Hitchcock joined Robert and Erin to discuss the information Jay Dardenne told KEEL News last week. During Dardenne's chat with KEEL, he said that the Medical Center in New Orleans receives more funds than the one in Shreveport because they see more patients.

However, Dr. Hitchcock completely refutes that claim, saying that Dardenne doesn't 'know what he's talking about'. Hitchcock says that both the Med School and University Health are underfunded and that it is only going to be worse.

Dr. Hitchcock believes that certain leaders are making a concerted effort to choke University Health and BRF out. You can hear the interview above. You can also see the financials provided by Dr. Hitchcock below.

Provided by Dr. Hitchcock
Provided by Dr. Hitchcock

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