The Shreveport Dog Park is back open and has been busy with lots of furry friends running around and playing. It was closed for several weeks because of high water. But that water has receded and it's dry now.

But you should know the water is not back on at the park. It has not been turned back on since the pandemic. So be sure to bring your pooch some water and a towel to clean Fido up after he's finished playing.

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Earlier this summer, Shreveport Councilwoman LeVette Fuller told KEEL News the Dog Park should be closed and relocated to somewhere else so it could be used year-round.

Dog Park Alliance Founder Cynthia Keith joined us to say that is not going to happen.

The park has been problematic for some because of the flooding concerns. It opened in July of 2017 and each year it's been closed for several weeks because of the rising Red River.

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To give you a little background, the park is on the riverfront because the the Red River Waterway Commission approved funding of $289,000 to construct the complex at the Hamel Memorial Park in South Shreveport. The location was changed to the Stoner Avenue Park during lengthy negotiations. But it must remain on the riverfront as part of the deal with the Waterway Commission.

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