UPDATE (9am, 5/1/23): KEEL News contacted Anne Dixon with Vintage Realty who is marketing the property on Mansfield Road in Shreveport, and she tells us she is working on a possible deal for that property. However, that deal has nothing to do with the film industry. We asked her what company is looking at the facility and she told us there is a non disclosure agreement and she can not discuss anything about the proposed deal.

It was indicated that 50 Cent did tour the Mansfield location during his visit to Shreveport, meaning the video he posted could actually be the Mansfield Road location. But that doesn't mean that he's purchased, or will purchase that location.

ORIGINAL STORY (6am, 5/1/23): About a month ago, news broke across the Shreveport area that entertainment mastermind Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson was touring facilities in the city. He had his eye on a filming studio to produce his movie and television projects in. Now, 50 Cent has posted online a video of a studio with the suggestion that he's acquired the property.

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While 50 Cent didn't explicitly say where the studio he was posting about is located, many from the Shreveport filming community posted that they recognized the location right away. They said that what was included in that video is definitely in Shreveport.

Shreveport-based actor Tim J. Smith (Black Panther, NCIS, Walker, Wakanda Forever) posted the video 50 Cent shared, and commented:

"This is definitely the old Mansfield studios in Shreveport. This place was used A LOT back when Shreveport had a thriving film industry ('06 thru '09)."

Other comments from those with Shreveport filming ties read:

"I remember that studio well!"

"I went there while casting extras for Harold and Kumar. It’s sad it’s empty now."

"i worked on "Pulse" and "Feast" and a few more i forget just now."

So even if we don't have official word from 50 Cent on where his new studio is, based on the video provided, the Shreveport filming community believes its in Shreveport. In fact, reviewing some pics of the facility the local filming community believes 50 Cent posted from, they might be right.


The online responses say what 50 Cent posted was from inside the studios and former AT&T warehouse in the 9500 block of Mansfield Road. Looking back at some photos from inside the facility during some renovations, it looks like they could be on to something.

Sure, its a warehouse, and a lot of warehouses look similar...but these pictures look very close to the video that 50 Cent posted.

"Power Book III: Raising Kanan" New York Premiere
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Major online reports say 50 Cent has purchased the facility shown in the video. However 50 Cent never actually said he made the purchase in his Instagram post. Also, none of their reports include where the facility is either. So our best guess right now is what the Shreveport filming community has to say about the video posted.

Hopefully we will get some firm details in the next couple of days.

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