A political newcomer won the 5th Congressional seat.  What could that mean for Mary Landrieu's senate seat?

Some experts don't think that the same results will arise.  UL Monroe political science professor Joshua Stockley is among those who think it'll be tough to beat.

"I think US Senator Mary Landrieu is well positioned and solidly placed to beat both [Congressman Bill] Cassidy, [Colonel Rob] Maness, and anyone else who emerges in the next 12 months," Stockley said.

Stockley noted Neil Riser's whole campaign was based on vowing to de-fund and repeal Obamacare and fight amnesty for illegals.  He added Vance McAllister's more pragmatic message of "keep what's good and fix what's bad" resonated with voters.

"Simply running around the state 'I'm going to de-fund Obamacare' is not a path to victory," explained Stockley.  He points to Cassidy sounding a lot like Riser.

Despite a newcomer winning the congressional seat, Stockley doubts a newcomer, like Maness, can win the senate seat.