SHREVEPORT, LA - There is quite a feud going on inside the Dallas Cowboys family and Haughton native Dak Prescott is at the center of this dysfunctional mess.

Photo by Richard Rodriguez/ Getty Images
Photo by Richard Rodriguez/ Getty Images
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What Started this Cowboys Feud?

There was an exchange of comments on Facebook between wide receiver CeeDee Lamb’s Mom, Dak Prescott’s brother and Micah Parson’s brother. This all happened after the humiliating loss at home against the Green Bay Packers in the wild card round of the playoffs.


What Happened in This Cowboys Feud?

Leta Ramirez, the mother of Cee Dee Lamb posted “DAK ISNT IT”. Once this was posted, all heck broke out on social media. Dak’s brother Tad posted this message “TRUST ME, if I could get Dak to leave Dallas, I would.” Micah Parson’s brother, Terrence also jumped into the fray posting this message to Dak:

“Take $40 million or pack ya bag.”

Uh oh. Looks like there’s some unhappy campers in the DC4L tent. Can you say dysfunction? That’s what seems to be happening. Things are unraveling fast after such a monumental playoff loss.

Divisional Round - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
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Some insiders say this is just part of the high emotion of fans and family members during such an intense time. But others say family members really should not get in the middle of these public feuds. It only brings even more drama to an already sensitive time for the players and the coaches.

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What Has Changed in Cowboys Country

Just a couple of weeks ago, everyone was saying Prescott was having his best year ever. And now you’ve got the mother of a teammate calling for his ouster. This has to cause a little tension among the players.

The Cowboys will have to get beyond this during the off season. Working on team chemistry will have to be a top priority. They might even want to involve family members and give them a lesson or two on things you probably should steer clear of.

Since this social media firestorm erupted, Cee Dee Lamb’s Mom has locked her Facebook account and only her small group of friends can see anything she posts.

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