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It seems you can't open a door right now without 8 or 10 craneflies sweeping in. You may have never heard the actual name of these awkward, slow moving insects,  because most people around here refer to them as "mosquito hawks", or even "skeeter hawks".

Mike Martindale
Mike Martindale

What is a Cranefly?

A cranefly is basically a large, thin fly resembling a very large male mosquito.  A crane fly has a body about ¾ inches long with legs about 4 inches long.  It only has a single set of clear wings, which might explain why they don't seem to be able to fly very well, as they flitter about bumping into things. They have antennae called halteres behind the wings that help them fly, but they don't seem to help much!


Do Craneflies Eat Mosquitos?

Although they're known as mosquito hawks, that term is actually a misnomer, as craneflys don't eat mosquitos. In fact, adult craneflies sometimes feed on nectar, but oddly, they don't really eat at all.  Craneflies have a short lifespan and spend most of their adult life mating, and laying eggs, and then they die.


Are Craneflies Harmful to Humans?

Although they might be aggravating as they continually seem to get in the house very easily, craneflies are not harmful to humans.  They don't bite or sting, and they don't carry any harmful diseases. In fact, they are probably one of the most benign insects around.  The biggest problem craneflies pose to humans is damage to your lawn.

Craneflies lay eggs in lower lying areas, usually near water, and the larvae will feed on the roots of your lawn, causing the grass to die.  If you see brown spots in your yard, you might want to dig up a section and check for a larvae infestation.

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