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Infectious disease specialist Dr. John Vanchiere from Shreveport's LSU Health gives details about the expansion of COVID vaccinations at the medical school's drive-thru clinic at the Fairgrounds.

On Thursday, Governor John Bel Edwards announced the new rules Thursday afternoon, saying that the state will begin vaccinating people between the ages of 65 and older against COVID-19 beginning February 8. This expands the eligibility to receive the vaccine by more than 275,000.

In speaking to the Governor's directive, Vanchiere says, "The challenging part in expanding the criteria is that we do not have enough vaccine available. We're still on the same amount of vaccine, maybe a modest increase, but we will be vaccinating as quickly and efficiently as we can. But, at present, we do not have enough vaccine anywhere in the country."

"We want to get the vaccine out as quickly as we can," he continues, "That's the number one goal. Vaccine saves lives. Every hundred doses we give will save four or five lives. But i want folks to realize that the vaccine supply is still limited."


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