Dr. John Vanchiere, Infectious Disease Specialist at Shreveport's LSU Health talks about the availability of and the schedule for distribution of the Coronavirus vaccine.

Vanchiere also clears up some misconceptions - and misinformation - about who can get their shots and when. "We do have a site at Linwood Avenue for healthcare workers to be vaccinated. That is a drive-through site. But we are not set up yet for folks over 70...to come for vaccination."

The Doctor adds that anyone who is not a healthcare worker, at least for the time being, who shows up at the Linwood location will not be vaccinated. "We will turn them away. They will need to pre-register at our database. This database for non-healthcare workers will open on Saturday We're setting up a vaccination site at the Fairgrounds (that will open) Monday morning."

Vanchiere also emphasizes that when the Fairgrounds vaccination site opens next week, it will be for those over the age of 70. "In pre-registration, we're asking folks to fill in all their demographic and insurance information. Then bring their drivers license and insurance card when they come."

He also says that the number of available doses will not be a problem, that the vaccine available to LSU Health is plentiful.

"This is a very large logistical endeavor," Vanchiere says, explaining that the location of other vaccination sites is yet to be released. "It involves the National Guard, Public Health, but we want to at least get started at the Fairgrounds on Monday.

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