City Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch paid a surprise visit to the KEEL studio to discuss the recent controversy regarding the council's funding of the Shreveport Urban Film Festival.

Lynch's comments regarding those who opposed the council's $10,000 grant to Tanesha Morris and the festival she organized, had sparked controversy as the outspoken councilwoman referred to those who opposed the grant as "inciting a white mob against this young lady."

101.7 / 710 KEEL's Erin McCarty, who was the target of some of Lynch's remarks, said, "We have a mutual goal...what's best for Shreveport. I think that would be very obvious. We're both very passionate." But McCarty also addressed the texts from Lynch to which she took offense, specifically the "white mob" accusation. The councilwoman responded by saying, "The initial arguments about it (the festival) being segregated and that it was discriminatory...was not true. And that kind of took a life of its own and then it morphed into...just a lot of innuendo. Just a lot of misinformation."

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