Shreveport Police have released the incident report involving Shreveport City Councilman James Green. The reports have been forwarded to the Caddo District Attorneys office for a determination if any charges should be filed against the local minister and politician.

Shreveport City Council
Shreveport City Council

Green is accused of barging is way into Eye Care at 5842 Line Avenue on June 2nd even though he was apparently told they were seeing patients by appointment only. Reverend Green could be facing a charge of simple battery, among other charges that he could face in connection with this incident.

Witnesses have told police Green shoved his way past a female employee at the business and caused a disturbance, cursing and demanding to see the owner saying he should be treated better as a Shreveport City Council member. But Green was repeatedly told he couldn't enter the store because of capacity limits as a result of COVID-19.

To this date, no charges have been filed against the Councilman and it will be up to District Attorney James Stewart to determine if charges should be filed. The case would likely be moved to district court because the City Council controls the funding for Shreveport City Court and its judges.

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