With thousands of folks across the ArkLaTex taking a look at the recent video "tour" at the long-abandoned Fairgrounds Field, a fascinating question has arisen as viewers are dissecting the images frame by frame...and what's been found could only be described as disturbing.

Is it possible that facility, vacant and left to deteriorate since 2011, could be haunted? Take a close look at the freeze-frame photo supplied to KEEL by eagle-eyed listener Kimberly Carathers and you'll notice, in one frame, what looks like the image of a human - shrouded in what appears to be a cape - peering down a long corridor at the videographer. But the explorers says, to the best of his knowledge, he was the only living human in the aging, guano covered ballpark.

Meanwhile, controversy surrounding the future of the field continues. The recent bond issue rejected by Shreveport voters in November would have set aside about $1 million to raze the facility, but the funding didn't address the EPA mandated "relocation" of what may be as many as 30,000 federally protected bats.

As it stands now, the future of what was once the home of minor league baseball in Shreveport will remain empty, save for a few thousand flying mammals...and maybe an unsettled spirit or two.

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