In the midst of the ongoing debate over the $186 million bond proposal, 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty received a string of texts during Tuesday morning's show, texts that may indicate growing displeasure among withing the SPD with some of the bond's priorities.

The proposal, which goes before city voters on November 16, designates about $76 million for a number of projects, including building a new police station. But one listener, identifying himself as an SPD officer, says that according to many in the department, those monies are misappropriated:

"There are grumblings of a strike or a sick-out because we are tired of...being taken advantage of. The brass get new buildings...and we are stuck with no raise. We don't even spend time in the building, other than a few minutes a day. We want a raise and a solution to the car situation. I'm not involved in organizing this. I'm just passing along what some other people are talking about." 

And another text implies a problem with morale:

"I've never seen morale this low and people so mad. We are well below minimum staffing every single day because people are angry and don't want to come to work. Another way of saying it, only the top of the department will reap the benefits of a new building while patrol has dogged out cars and no pay raise."


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