The House votes to impeach President Trump, but not before some spirited speeches on the House floor by both Republicans and Democrats.

mike johnson

Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson says "Democrats steamrolled over the rules and due process to get their sham impeachment before Christmas, and now Speaker Pelosi is using it as leverage to set terms for the Senate trial...this is absurd."

We caught up with the Congressman to talk about where we're headed now.

Johnson adds:

This is the first time in the history of this country that an impeachment has been pursued without a specific crime being alleged or proven. Even after 14 hours of debate in the House Judiciary Committee, no one could produce a scintilla of credible evidence. The real abuse of power here is on the part of the House Democrats, as they have recklessly pursued this impeachment – 20 times faster than the impeachment investigation of Bill Clinton – to reach their predetermined political outcome.

The Senate will now hold a trial on the impeachment allegations.



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