Congressman Mike Johnson urges the Bossier School Board to find balance in the feud over the National Anthem and prayer.

The Board has voted to stick by their policy that requires students to stand for the National Anthem at sporting events. School Board Attorney Jon Guice says the Parish's policy does not violate students rights and "all the cases cited by groups like the ACLU pertain to classroom activities and not extracurricular activities like football games."

Congressman Johnson says "The Board is doing the right thing. They're gonna make a statement that they certainly respect the dignity of all students and their fundamental freedoms. But at the same time, we don't have to sacrifice who we are as Americans."

He adds "the Bossier School Board is not going to bend over and bow to the whims of these Atheist, radical, secular groups and that's who's picking on the Bossier School Board again. These groups are on a search and destroy mission for all things religious and now by extension, all things patriotic."


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