Louisiana Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser joined KEEL News this morning to talk about tourism in the state of Louisiana as the state enters Phase 2 of COVID reopening. But that wasn't the only things that happened during this wild interview.

At the start of the call, Erin McCarty informed the Lt. Governor about her recent dental work, and the difficulty its causing for her when it comes to pronouncing "s" sounds. She then expressed concerns about pronouncing his name, with the "s" sounds in it, referring to his name as a "dumbass" name. Nungesser laughed it off, and jumped into a tremendous interview after that ice breaker.

The main focus of Lt. Governor Nungesser in his tenure has been Louisiana tourism. That industry has taken a massive hit during the COVID shutdowns. Nungesser was excited when talking about the opportunities in our state as Phase 2 begins, especially with our State Parks...

"...we are happy to open our Welcome Centers, and invite tourists back to Louisiana. We know people are going to be driving by car and RV, so we're gonna continue to push specials at our State Parks to lure them to Louisiana. And we'll do be doing some real mass marketing to social media to all the drive markets to get them back to Louisiana."

The Lt. Governor did express concerns over New Orleans, and Mayor LaToya Cantrell's decision to not move her city into Phase 2. But Nungesser does offer options for conventions and events to move outside of New Orleans. Their "Lagniappe Plan" to help bring conventions back to the state, whether they were planning for other states, or for New Orleans.

Additionally, Nungesser commented on some major and sudden changes that took place within the state this week. The State Senate refused to confirm 11 appointees in an a private, Executive Session. Because of the circumstances of the session, Senators cannot publicly speak on what happened with the appointees, but Lt. Governor Nungesser appeared to have some inside knowledge on why someone line Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Jones was not confirmed...

"As you know that Senator Karen Carter Peterson, had a little problem being exposed as having a gambling problem, and I think it's retaliation. That's my personal opinion, that anybody she could stop from being confirmed, because it wasn't just those people, or my people, it was the Secretary of State, the AG commissioner, anybody she could stop from being...that's an that's a luxury that a Senator has, when somebody resides in her district, or his district, and it's absolutely horrible. At a time we need to all be pulling in the same direction, Republicans, Democrats, Independents...Louisianans, to do everything we can to get our state back to where we need to be. This political craziness, there's no room for it. So it's, it's horrible at this time to to be to take that kind of action, it just doesn't make any sense."

KEEL News spoke with State Senator Barrow Peacock on the appointment subject as well, and he advised that he cannot speak on the Executive Session without risking his place in the Senate.


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