The city of Shreveport will once again try to legally maneuver out of paying city residents refunds on their water bills. KTBS is reporting that the City of Shreveport will head back to the courtroom, appealing a decision by a Caddo District Judge who had ordered the city to repay overcharges on city water bills.

Last March Judge Mike Pitman ordered the city to repay $9.6 million in overcharges, plus an additional $1,000 a day in interest, increasing the total cost to more than $11 million. This move is the second appeal of a judgement against the city of Shreveport for those water department overcharges. The city has already issued nearly $6 million in refunds for the overcharges.

The city's average refund payment to it's water customers was about $72. Here's background from a previous KEEL story:

"Late in 2020, the City Council approved payment of the settlement. The amount you get will depend on your water bills during those years. We have heard from some customers who got checks for less than $5 dollars and from those on the high end, the checks are close to $70 dollars."

According to the Harper Law Firm, who filed the lawsuit against the city, more than 100,000 families have benefitted monetarily. The $11 million number does not include attorney fees.

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