Residents are getting checks from the city this week. This is the end of a long saga over water billing in the city. A class action lawsuit was filed over the way the city "rounded up" bills between October 1, 2011 through December 31, 2019.

If you were a customer of Shreveport's Department of Water and Sewer during those years, you will be getting a refund check. Many of those checks have arrived in mailboxes this week.

Caddo Parish District Court Judge Michael Pitman approved a settlement of $5,900,000.00 for overcharges on Shreveport water and sewer bills. The nearly six million dollar settlement comes after a long litigation and heavy negotiations between Class Counsel and attorneys for the City of Shreveport.

Late in 2020, the City Council approved payment of the settlement. The amount you get will depend on your water bills during those years. We have heard from some customers who got checks for less than $5 dollars and from those on the high end, the checks are close to $70 dollars.

Attorneys Jerry Harper and Anne Wilkes of the Harper Law Firm have been working for many years to reach a settlement with the city.

If you were a residential customer (both Inside City and Outside City) who received and paid a bill(s) from the City of Shreveport’s Department of Water and Sewerage (DOWAS) from October 1, 2011 through December 31, 2019 and were charged, you are a part of the settlement. Your check is being mailed to the last known address where you had city water service.


Edwin Byrd is the outside counsel hired by the city to handle the case.

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