Shreveport City Councilmen James Flurry and John Nickelson talk with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin about Monday's council work session and the regularly meeting on Tuesday. The major topic of both sessions will be Mayor Adrian Perkins $220 million bond proposal and the council's counter proposal to that amount.

Flurry tells KEEL listeners that the mayor's initial $220 million idea is too high, but adds that he could vote in favor of a smaller, more specific plan, in the range of $180 million.

Nickelson, meanwhile, agrees with critics of the proposal, who say that the amount requested in the mayor's plan is too high and the breakdown is still too vague. Nickelson also thinks that the entire plan was put together too quickly and requires more study before the council votes on whether to send the bond issue to Shreveport voters.

The council could vote as soon as Tuesday to send a compromise bond proposal to  the city's voters for approval.

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