Councilman James Flurry talks about his idea for Shreveport city prisoners to be moved to CCI and what will be done with the $14 million in CARES Act money.

Flurry begins by explaining his idea regarding Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator and the parish's correctional facility taking Shreveport prisoners. "Well, it's not the first time I've brought it up," he says, "What I'm saying is that the amount of money that we're putting into the budget for the jail...we're not asking the Sheriff to do this for free. But it just makes sense. It's not an outrageous idea. We just need to think of ways that make government more efficient."

Then, saying, "It will be well taken care of and well spent," Flurry talks about plans for the $14 million coming to the city on CARES Act COVID relief money. "We're goingt to put a large, large chunk of that into reserves. We will probably look at paying the public safety fees out of that, the (police and fire department) raises that we're going to pass on Friday."

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