I am a happy woman today. One of the favorite games of my childhood has finally made it into the Toy Hall of Fame. It's Clue and all the crazy characters including Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Mrs. Peacock and Professor Plum. I spent many hours playing this game with my brothers. I loved the secret passageway.
The other new toys to make it into the Toy Hall of Fame are the Wiffle ball and the paper airplane.

The three iconic toys have been honored at the upstate New York Hall on Thursday. The class of 2017 takes it place alongside more than 60 previous honorees, including the dollhouse, jump rope and radio flyer wagon.

How do they choose these toys? They take into account the advice of historians and educators following a process that begins with nominations from the public. What does it take to make the list? A toy must have inspired creative play across generations.

The other finalists this year were: the board game Risk, Magic 8 Ball, Matchbox Cars, My Little Pony, Pez Candy Dispenser, play food, sand, Transformers and the card game Uno.

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