First of all, t's a rather embarrassing position for any motorist to be in. But then add to the story the fact that the driver with his / her vehicle is this precarious spot is a Shreveport Police officer. Yep, during a chase at Hattie Perry Recreation Center Sunday evening, a Shreveport police SUV ended up in a ditch.

Shreveport Police say they were notified that of a number of park patrons were driving their ATVs in a dangerous manner. When arriving at the already crowded park to take a look, one of the riders took off.

According to KTBS, "another officer at the park saw someone on a dirt bike or ATV with a pistol. The officer followed this person until they drove the SUV into a ditch."


So, a couple of questions arise. First, did the runaway ATV rider jump the ditch / bayou in the process of attempting their escape? And then the even larger Question Number 2...did the driver of the SPD vehicle attempt the very same, Dukes-of-Hazzard-like stunt?

It's tough to tell from the photos, but does it look to you like the cop behind the wheel almost made the daring leap, or was it more of, as the kids say, an epic fail?

SPD says details regarding the incident are forthcoming and that the ATV driver they were pursuing made their escape. The department says the officer behind the wheel was uninjured and no damage estimate for the vehicle repair was given.

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