I am a bit confused about who can vote by mail and whether or not those ballots will get to where they are going in time. Many folks are not happy about the postal service these days. Mail and packages seem to be backed up at offices across the country.

Who will be allowed to vote by mail? That is really not clear yet. Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin has proposed a plan that only allows one category of people to vote by mail if they don’t meet the normal requirements – those who have tested positive for COVID-19. But the Governor is not in favor of this plan and he is trying to get lawmakers to add more people to the list of those who qualify.

Click here to see the full plan.

Normally mail in ballots are only allowed for some specific folks including the military and anyone over aged 65. You can also vote by mail if you work offshore, you're a member of the clergy assigned to an area outside of your normal voting home. There are some other exceptions. You can see the full list on the Voter Registrar website.

But during an emergency, some changes can be made and that is what lawmakers have been hashing out this week.

My question has more to do with the post office and whether or not that agency could actually handle the increase in volume for mail-in balloting. That's when we decided to share with you this scathing critique of the postal service from a friend of mine who worked there for nearly 30 years. Brace yourself. This is pretty harsh.

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