Burned out street lights is one of my biggest pet peeves and Shreveport seems to have a big problem keeping the lights on.

I've been griping about this for 10 years. Every now and then a local agency will step in and replace the bulbs and we're good for a while. But no one can seem to keep them on with any regularity. I simply don't understand this. Why can't a system be put in place to regularly check the lights? I've been asking that for a long time.

The latest trouble zone is on I-20 between Greenwood and Jewella. I drive this stretch every morning. Here's what it looked like on Friday, October 6th:

One key to solving this problem is to find out who handles fixing the lights. We have asked city leaders, DOTD and Swepco. A DOTD spokeswoman tells us the state has Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that the city will take care of the lights. A Swepco spokesman tells us the power company is not responsible for the lights on the interstate. City leaders tell me they are working with public works to address the problem.

We are in the heart of our communities largest festival, The Red River Revel. And the Film Prize is going on this weekend. The State Fair kicks off later this month. You would think it would be critical to make our city as welcoming as possible. You have to start with fixing the lights on our major interstate.

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