Caddo Parish Commission President Steven Jackson is pulled over for having a switched license plate on a car. It's the 2nd time this has happened this year. KEEL News has obtained the video of the traffic stop which was just outside of the police station near Texas and Murphy.

Jackson was given tickets for driving a vehicle with a switched license plate, no proof of insurance and failure to register the vehicle. He was also ticketed earlier this year for switched plates.

Here's information from the police report:

Jackson tells KEEL News: ""I have no ill-will for SPD. The public should know this is not my daily vehicle. I've have paid the ticket and sold car. I apologize and I've put the issue behind me."

Police impounded the vehicle because the owner didn't have liability insurance. Here's more information from the August report:

Jackson tells KEEL News he went to court this week, paid the fines of just over $300 and he has sold the car.

Jackson says he buys some cars at auctions and sells a few each year to make some side income.