BOSSIER CITY, LA - Bossier City Mayor Tommy Chandler is making good on a campaign promise. He wants to put the term limits issue on the ballot and let the voters decide if it's a good idea.

City of Bossier City
City of Bossier City

Chandler Says:

Today, I submitted an ordinance for term limits to the Clerk of the City Council. I have always supported term limits and believe they help foster good government. But, this is not about me. This is about the 2,977 citizens who signed their names to a petition.


This petition, with nearly 3,000 signatures has been presented to the Bossier City Council, but they decided to bring in outside legal council to determine what to do with the petition. But the clock is ticking to get this issue on the fall ballot for a decision from voters. This would be a change to the city charter and that requires a vote of the people.

Mayor Chandler adds:  "the citizens have taken the path outlined in the City’s Charter to create a change they, along with many others, believe in. I want them to know that I hear their voices and they matter to me. I want to see their desire for term limits on the ballot in November so citizens can vote on this important issue."

This would be the first time in the history of Bossier City that a charter amendment was put on the ballot as a result of a petition drive in the community. This has prompted folks to ask several legal questions that must be answered. Chandler says the City Attorney has been proactive and taken steps to seek guidance from outside expert counsel to ensure this process moves along as smoothly as possible. He says "this is a good-faith effort to potentially prevent future legal challenges. However, as Mayor, I have an obligation to the citizens to take any and all steps to move this forward, even while legal questions are being researched. I am committed to the citizens of Bossier City and I will do everything I can to make sure term limits are on the ballot on November 18, 2023."

The Mayor is urging the council to approve this ordinance and put the issue of term limits on the ballot this fall.

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