UPDATE: All Caddo schools will be open today. The schools in this area will be provided with bottled water.
SHREVEPORT, LA - Shreveport residents are urged to boil water again if you live or work in the west Shreveport zone. A boil advisory has been issued for the west pressure zone.

What caused the latest boil advisory in Shreveport?

The area in the Pines Road corridor saw widespread pressure lost on Sunday and this boil advisory has been issued by the City of Shreveport’s Department of Water and Sewerage Department out of an abundance of caution.
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The city is working to build the pressure back up and then the water from the west zone will be tested by the Louisiana Department of Health before this boil advisory is lifter.
This advisory will impact restaurants in the area and they will probably not be able to serve fountain drinks until this advisory is lifted.

Will this boil advisory impact any schools?

We do not know yet if any schools will have to be closed on Monday because of low water pressure, but will update this information if we get any new information about schools.
City of Shreveport
City of Shreveport

Update on Water in Blanchard

The boil advisory in the Town of Blanchard has now been lifted. Crews spent the past two weeks tracking down leaks and making repairs that have cause low to no pressure for some areas that depend on water from Blanchard.

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