I'm a regular at Superior Bar and Grill on Line Avenue and I was there Saturday night when word started spreading about a fight in the restaurant.
It was all the buzz in the restaurant as I was finishing up a late night dinner birthday party with some friends.
The fight apparently happened while we were waiting for our table. Little did I know there is video of the fight. Check this out:

In the video you can see a man approach a large table of people and he's seen arguing with another man when things turn violent. He apparently puts his hands around the other man's neck. Punches are thrown and then one of the men sitting against the wall at the table comes flying over the table into melee. Fists continued flying and the other people in the party started to scatter. You can see one of the waiters trying to break it up, but he was outnumbered. A police officer who works off duty at the restaurant jumped in to break up the fight.

When we wrapped up our party and left the restaurant, there were still 2 police cars on the scene trying to unravel all the details of what happened. The mess had to be cleaned up and the offending parties were removed from the business.

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