Be on the alert for a scam that aims to separate you from your money.

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Detectives with the Bossier Sheriff’s Office are currently working on a phone scam involving the name of a full-time deputy and the phone number to the Bossier Sheriff’s Office.

The caller, posing as Sgt. Buck Wilkins with the Bossier Sheriff’s Office, is targeting local realtors by making calls with the BSO’s switchboard number (318) 965-2203 showing up in the caller id. When answered, the call is redirected to a voicemail with instructions to call a different number to make payment on a missed court fine. The recipient is then instructed to make the payment in the form of a gift card.  Detectives say this is a scam.

Investigators are aware of the scam and are working to locate its source. They say the sheriff’s office will never contact you over the phone for you to make payment on any fine. Please call the call the Bossier Sheriff’s Office Criminal Division at (318) 965-3416 if you have any information on this scam.

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